ExifTool : A Meta-Data Extractor


ExifTool is developed by Phil Harvey. It is a platform-independent Perl library coupled with a full-featured command-line implementation for reading, writing and manipulating the metadata across a broad range of files, particularly the images. This metadata may comprise a bunch of information such as the camera make, file type, permissions, file size etc. , though it further offers more details about the photograph. ExifTool probably gives us the simplest way to extract metadata from files, as it is free and an open-source program.


  • Extensive renaming options based on metadata in your photos.
  • Supports all formats exiftool itself supports in “read” mode. Preview thumbnails for standard image formats and most raw formats.
  • Writes GPS data to (selected) images.
  • Comes with geo-tagging functionality
  • Writes several exif and xmp tags to images.
  • Removes metadata (if you want that).
  • Supports new Google Photosphere (gpano) functionality (with exiftool >= 9.07)
  • Modify date-time tags
  • Modify image file dates based on date-time tags.
  • Options for exporting (all) tag categories to a series of export options
  • A tab where you can execute your own commands in case they are not directly supported by the Gui functionality


pyExifToolGui can be downloaded from following Link,I’ve downloaded the zip file for Windows as that’s the environment I’ll be using.

Export/Import menu

Export metadata into : TXT, MIE, XMP, EXIF, HTML files

Every of these formats has different purpose: i.e. MIE is for making backup of complete metadata inside image file, HTML is ment for “studying” metadata structure, etc. So, try and see what suits your needs.

Copy metadata from single file

This will copy metadata from single source file (can be MIE file too) into currently selected files. That is, all selected files will be populated with the same metadata. After you choose the source file, you’ll have a chance to reduce the amount of metadata to be copied:

Batch Rename

Select multiple files > Extras > Rename Photos

Modify menu

Exif: DateTime shift

Exif: DateTime equalize

Remove metadata

Select file > Extras > Remove Metadata.

Edit Data

You can edit metadata of any file from this menu with any custom values. You can change GPS coordinates ,Location data ,exif info ,lens info ,etc.


Here you can specify default values for Artist and copyrights.


This was pyExiftoolGui’s complete usability guide as a meta-data extractor and editor. It is user-friendly and convenient because of its simple GUI. It has thus become one of the best tools to extract and manipulate meta-data data from a variety of file formats.

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